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About Us - Testimonials

Here’s what people are saying about Inner Light Gospel Choir:

“The Inner Light Choir gave another inspiring performance for this year's WillBridge fundraiser. The concert was a double joy, because of the soulful music, and because it helped WillBridge, a most worthy beneficiary. … Thank you, Inner Light Choir, for sharing your music to help WillBridge do its important work.” - Anna Campbell

"Putting their own spin on such classics as Kumbaya & Melodies from Heaven, their constant smiles and hand clapping made it plain they were enjoying themselves as much as we enjoyed their performance." - Karen Robiscoe, Charron's Chatter

“How splendid the choir was at the Odetta concert. It was thrilling! You made Santa Barbara proud.” - Carole Marks, long time choir fan

"I want to say thank you to all of you.... This wedding was for a friend of mine and I am so pleased that it went so well.... the percussion was so pleasant and peaceful with the music, waves, and voices.... thank you for making my friend's wedding special!" - Yvonne Bazinet

Photos from Muddy Waters 2012