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About Us - Mission

The Inner Light Community Gospel Choir is a multicultural, multi-racial, multi-denominational community choir open to new members of all ages and all backgrounds. Our purpose is to touch hearts and lift spirits through the medium of Gospel music. Choir activities include gospel music workshops, public concerts, special benefits, and other inspirational events. The choir is dedicated to providing a safe learning/growth environment with it's unique spiritual and musical ministry, and furthering a knowledge and appreciation of new and traditional Gospel Music.

Choir members

Beacon of Light Foundation (BOLF)
The Inner Light Community Gospel Choir is under the auspices of the Beacon of Light Foundation (BOLF) which is a non-profit organization of volunteers. The purpose of the BOLF is to assist individuals in attaining a personal experience of GOD (Spirit, Being, Truth, Reality, Oneness, Wholeness, etc.) as present within themselves; and to further assist individuals in developing the skills necessary to function in their God Awareness while in the process of dealing with the issues, challenges, situations, conditions and states of daily living from an inner space of love and truth, and in the context of personal and collective responsibility.
Photos from Muddy Waters 2012